” Very thorough and comprehensive information provided – essential for landlords. ”

” Chris made the understanding of Legionnaires disease and my responsibilities as a landlord very plain and simple. I definitely wasn’t baffled by science or legal jargon. ”

” Very interesting, well explained. ”

” Practical steps to ensuring that a risk assessment and written control statement are completed and when to update.”

” Great course, No bull just straight forward explanation. Liked explanation of why its a Masterclass.Simplified the different HSE Acts. Great education for Landlords.Thank you”

” Very thorough, goes through legislation and key items. All necessary documents provided so you leave the course with confidence you can control and manage the risk.Thanks Chris”

” Liked the amount of information and the quality of the information. I like the fact that it was simplified to what was necessary and also dispelling the myths. ”

” The amount of knowledge the course leader possessed was fantastic. I now feel competent which was the aim of my attendance.”

” Pretty comprehensive yet something can directly use. Good templates.”

” I liked the Level of Chris’ knowledge and good sensible, practical attitude. Appreciated receiving copies of slides in workbook as well as templates to give to tenants.”

” Summarised the Rules and Regs. and presented and explained in a clear format. ”

” Very comprehensive and excellent presentation. ”

” Removed all the Red mist and simplified it down to the salient points. ”

” Course booklet is very useful. The information was broken down into bite-sized digestible information that was easy to understand. ”

” The legal and practical advice was thorough and easy to understand. “