Legionnaires Disease Course

Legionnaires Disease, Landlords Responsibilities.

As a landlord the subject of preventing Legionnaires Disease is an important one.

Does a landlord have to carry out a Risk Assessment?  Does this have to be in writing?

For example, there is certain information that a landlord must provide to tenants.

Arising from legal sanctions introduced in 2013, Landlords Masterclass provide courses available on Landlords’ duties regarding Legionnaires Disease.

Landlords Masterclass - Legionnaires Disease course

What a landlord can expect to gain from our Legionnaires Disease course:

  • To have the Legionnaires Disease duties and responsibilities of a landlord thoroughly but succinctly explained.
  • A customised and abbreviated summary of around a hundred pages of HSE literature on the subject. [ Summary is 16 pages ]
  • The knowledge gained will provide a landlord with the level of Competence required to comply with HSE guidance in most Residential properties.
  • An example of a Risk Assessment (including Schematic diagram and written scheme of control) and information for tenants leaflet.
  • Practical demo of testing of water temperature.
  • Bound Reference book containing the above and example documentation.
  • BONUS session for – 60 minutes of General Landlord advice on common topics


Current Course dates:

NEXT Course – Telford, 16th March, 2020 12.45 for 1.00 p.m – 5 p.m.

  • More 2020 Courses to follow. Register your interest and Location for further details.
  • Other dates and locations will be added as soon as they are confirmed. –

    Course cost – £79.00 (Don’t forget to claim this against your Tax).

    To book your place on a course, or express interest in another location, please e-mail: courses@landlordsmasterclass.com